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The Heartfelt Mitten

50,00 kr
( 40,00 kr eksl. mva)

Keeps both your heart and hands warm!

Felted ladies-mittens with heart embroidered in chain stitches. If you know how to knit and purl, you will have no problem making these mittens.

The final embroidering of the heart is a simple chain stitch. If you need help, check out the video tutorials at the bottom of this page. You can find tutorials on how to knit the thumb, decrease, sow chain stiches and how to shape the mittens on Sigrun’s knitting school.

Size: S (M) L

The pattern requires 2 skeins FRITIDSGARN from Sandnes Garn (50 gram = 76 yards) in your favourite color. I have used powder pink 3511 on the picture.

Guage: 14 stitches knit on needle 6 = 10 cm.

Needels: Double pointed needles US 10 (6.0 mm) or 7 mm.

You can use the same number of stiches in all sizes. The size depends on the needles you decide to use. As a rule, if you knit loosely, use 6 mm needles; if you knit firmly, use 7 mm needles. You can also adjust the size according to how much you felt the mittens in the final step.

Please contact us at kongledesign@gmail.com if you have any comments to this pattern. We have done our best with the translation, but as english is not our native tongue mistakes may occur.

Enjoy and Happy Knitting!

How to pick up the thumb stitches
How to knit the thumb opening
How to sew chain stitches around the heart
How to decrease The Heartfelt Mitten
How to "lift up" the heart and shape the mittens after felting

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